After the shoot I would inform you of a general time spand on my end for editing and reviewing progress on the "Video Offer" selected which is relative to reaching our mutual goals. In some cases there can be a chance or necessity that may require additional footage depending on our overall goal.
   Keep in mind that I will often record a band when the opportunity is available however it does not mean I will immediately start the video editing process. I need to utilize OUR time wisely when the chance surfaces as these creative & tedious projects arise and can be reached at everyone's schedule.
   On detailed "Video Offers" there may be a deposit with different ranges, it's just because of time and additional creative details & work.
Further description would be given on deposits and a "Guideline" - signed agreement to help us both understand the project & it's overall success.
  We would review the video as it progresses you can choose to stay private or allow me to share updates on social media to help any band promo. A final review would be last & hopefully kick ass.


 2nd ~ part will unfold

Kim (Daze)
email -


+1.210 789-5329

Please Text me- The best way to reach me

Send a Note

If you are interested in booking a "Live Vibes" gig recording or a concept video shoot please contact me attaching your band's name & FB FAN PG., IG including YOU TUBE CHANNEL if you have one. I appreciate text messages or even messenger pop ups are fine as well as the obvious email or other social media notifications.
I would love to set a day to meet the person or musician of interest and talk about what Video 77 offer you would like to collaborate on.
    If you know at our initial meeting if there is at least two or three songs you would like to consider using as the official video shoot  I request you burn me a cd or email an mp3 for me to listen & consider suggestions. I sometimes like to attend a rehearsal soon thereafter to connect with the bands chemistry.      We would start to arrange location as well gig dates depending on your video offer selection that can work on our calendars. There would be further details to arrange & book if we need extras or props & clearance for details.

1st part - Getting started

Music Video Productions